February 23, 2023

Media Release

Police received a request to a wellbeing check on an individual that was reported to be sick and no one has been able to get in contact with them for three days.  Police later determined through family the individual was ill but the police were satisfied there was no need for further police action.

Police received a report of an individual that had someone attempt to extort them.  The complainant received an email indicating they need to pay bitcoin or some personal information would be posted on line.  There was no bitcoin paid and no information exchanged.  The matter is still under investigation.

EMS requested police to attend and assist at a call for service. The patient was transported to the hospital without incident.

Police were dispatched to a domestic dispute where possible weapons were involved. Upon arrival, it was determined that no weapons were used and nothing other than a verbal argument had occurred. PACT was also dispatched and assisted. Police were able to mediate and no further police involvement was needed.

Police and Estevan Fire Dept were dispatched to a local hotel for people trapped in an elevator. No injuries were reported and the Fire Department were able to open the elevator doors.

Police were dispatched to a hotel in the north end of the city for an intoxicated male. The male was arrested for public intoxication and lodged in cells. He well be released without any charges once sober.

Police were dispatched to Hillside area for a report of an intrusion alarm at a local business. Members attended and found the building to be secure and no evidence and anyone gaining access to the building.