February 24, 2023

Media Release

Police were called to a local apartment building to a report of banging that the complainant thought might be another tenant in distress.  Police were able to determine it was the heating system in one of the vacant apartments in the building.

Police received numerous calls in relation to an Estevan female in the hallway of a Trojan subdivision apartment building screaming, swearing, banging on a door, and turning the power on and off.  On the first occasion the police attended she was warned and sent on her way home.  Police were called back a second time to the same behavior.  Police arrested the female for causing a disturbance and lodged her in cells due to her level of intoxication so as to prevent any further difficulties with her.  The female, as a result of her behavior in cells, has also been charged with wilful damage to police services cells.  She was scheduled for court in early April.