February 8, 2023

Police are investigating a mischief that occurred to a vehicle in the City.  A car is believed to have been keyed sometime during the day.  Police do not have any suspects at this time and are asking for the public’s assistance.

Estevan Police responded to the west side of the City to intercept a vehicle.  A complaint of a possible impaired driver was reported.  Police located and stopped the vehicle and checked the drivers sobriety.   He passed all tests and was subsequently warned about his driving actions.

Police responded to a 911 call on the northeast side of the city.  A family was having an issue and police were able to settle things down and offer services.  No further action was necessary.

Police are investigating a suspected mischief that occurred in the 400 and 500 block of 2nd Street.  A loud banging noise was heard followed by a vehicle speeding away.  The noise would be consistent with an object being thrown.  Police do have a suspect and are investigating.