Janauary 22, 2022

Police conducted a conditions check on a 48 year old male.  He was found to be in possession of an controlled substance and was arrested  for breaching conditions of a release order.  He will answer to the charge on March 07, 2022.

An oral fluid device was utilized to test a driver for drug impairment.  The subject tested positive for marijuana.  The the 31 year old female was issued a three day suspension and her vehicle was towed.

Police located a youth that was outside of his residence after his curfew.  He was arrested and charged for breaching conditions of an undertaking.  He will answer to the charge on February 14, 2022.

During a traffic stop, police used an Approved Screening Device to test a driver for alcohol impairment.  The 38 year old male failed the test and was taken to the police station for breath samples.  He provided two samples that were over 80 milligrams.  He has been charged with impaired driving and driving with a blood alcohol level over .08.  He was later released on an appearance notice to answer to the charge on March 07, 2022.

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