January 05, 2019 – Night shift

Police received a request to do a welfare check on an Estevan female. Family lives out of the city and were concerned. Members attended and waited for family to arrive.

Police received a call about a group of youth around a vehicle in the east end on the city. Police attended and were unable to locate the group of youth described.

Police received a call from a home owner saying someone was trying the door knob on their residence. Members attended and were unable to locate anyone.

Police received a call from an individual in British Columbia saying she had a message left on her phone from an Estevan area cellular telephone. The message was of a female that sounded distraught. Police determined the female in question lived outsode the city. The matter was turned over to the RCMP.

Police attended to two commercial alarms last night. One of the alarms was a fire alarm and the second was an intrusion alarm. Both alarms possibly were caused by the power outage.

“B” Platoon

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