January 11, 2020

Police received a report of mischief to property.  The matter was determined not to be criminal in nature but civil.  The property owner was given advice as to how they would be able to attempt to be refunded for the damage.

Police received a report of criminal harassment.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a driver failing to wear their seat belt. While investigating the matter is was learned that the driver was suspended from driving due to a drinking and driving incident. The driver was charged for failing to wear a seat belt and driving while suspended. The vehicle was also seized.

Police later dealt with a report of some mischief. Police spoke to a cab driver and learned that a person had sat on the hood of the cab and dented it. Police are investigating the matter.

Police also investigated a suspicious vehicle that was parked on city property. When Police arrived on scene it was learned that the suspect vehicle had left prior to police arriving. Nothing unusual was noted in the area.


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