January 19, 2019 – Night Shift

In the early evening hours, police were called to a two vehicle collision on King Street and Souris Avenue. A westbound vehicle attempted to make a left turn from King Street and was struck by an eastbound vehicle. The 63 year old male driver was charged with failing to yield to an approaching vehicle when turning left. The occupants did not sustain any injuries.

Police observed a vehicle that had left a local drinking establishment. The officer conducted a traffic stop and requested a breath sample into an approved screening device. The driver failed the test and was brought back to Estevan Police for breath samples. The 42 year old male was subsequently charged with operating a vehicle while his ability was impaired by alcohol and driving when blood alcohol level exceeds 80 mg. He will answer to the charge on March 18, 2019.

Police were called to a local drinking establishment regarding a physical altercation between patrons. A 47 year old male was arrested on scene and after speaking to those involved, it was decided that no charges would be laid. The male subject was held in cells to prevent any further incidents and released when sober.

“D” Platoon

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