January 1st, 2021

Police received a complaint of mischief in the alley that runs along the west and south sides of Milne Crescent.  Police attended and observed spray painting on the back of a shed and further down on the side of power boxes.  Police gathered evidence in the areas and then located additional paint on the Exhibition grounds property.  If anyone has video surveillance or any information regarding these incidents we are asking you call EPS or Crime stoppers.

Police received a report of an individual uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm to another individual.  Police arrested the Estevan male.  He was charged and later released on conditions. Court is scheduled for March 08, 2021.

Police attended to a report of suspicious persons at a community center.  Police attended and located a local family legitimately using the community center.  No further action was required on the matter.

Police were called to a Pleasantdale residence to a report of an intoxicated unwanted guest.  Police attended and removed the unwanted guest.  The forty year old Estevan male was transported to his residence and turned over to family members.