January 26, 2020

Police arrested a 23 year old male from Estevan for breaching his probation order after a call to a local business. The male was released later in the day with conditions. He will appear in court in March to answer to the charge.

Early in the evening police responded to a family dispute.  Both parties were separated for the night and no further police involvement was needed.

Police responded to a suspicious person walking around a business on the east end of the City.   Patrols of the area were done but no one was located.  Anyone with information is asked to call police.

Police did multiple curfew checks last night. Two people were found to be breaching their court ordered curfew condition.  A 23 year old man was located during a traffic stop. He was arrested and held until he can be taken before a Justice or a Judge later today. The second is a 25 year old female who is also facing the same charge after members attended her residence and she was not home when required required to be.


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