January 3, 2019 – Night shift

Members were dispatched to a domestic dispute in the Pleasantdale area. Members spoke with both parties and were able to mediate the situation without further police involvement.

While out on patrol, a traffic stop was conducted for a possible impaired driving investigation. Upon speaking with the driver, it was determined that they were experiencing a medical emergency. EMS was summoned and driver was treated at the scene.

Members were called to assist the RCMP with a 2 vehicle collision on the east side of Estevan near the by-pass. Both vehicles were towed from the scene and some of the occupants sustained minor injuries. The scene was turned over to the RCMP and is still under investigation.

The Estevan Police Service was dispatched to a local liquor establishment to assist staff with a male that had been banned from the bar from a previous incident. The male was asked to leave and complied without incident.

Report of a suspicious vehicle at a local convenience store. Complainant was concerned as there was a strong odour of cannabis coming from the vehicle. Members patrolled the area and the vehicle was not located.

Members conducted a total of 4 curfew checks. One female was not home as required and charges are pending.

A Platoon

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