January 30, 2022

Police, through investigation into a report of stolen property, executed a search warrant on a residence in the east end of the city.  Three Estevan residents were arrested and the home was searched for stolen property with some of the property being located.  Police have charged a 43 year old male with possession of stolen property obtained by crime, theft under $5000.00 and possession of methamphetamines.  A 19 year old male has been charged with obstruction, after falsely identifying himself to police. A 46 year old female has also been charged with possession of property obtained by crime and theft under $5000.00.

Police executed an arrest warrant on a male that had failed to attend court, he was held in custody and will appear before the court later on today for a hearing to be held to remain in custody.

Police received a report of an assault.  The assault is alleged to have occurred at a family gathering.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a report of attempt extortion.  The victim had shared pictures with a stranger over the internet.  The individual that received the pictures then threatened to send the pictures out if the victim didn’t purchase gift cards and give them to the fraudster.  The matter is still under investigation.  Police remind the public to be cautious who you are communicating and sharing with.  Police also ask that the public call the police when someone attempts to extort them.

Police received a report of a brick getting thrown through the window at a residence.  Police attended and determined it was not a brick but a large piece of ice.  The matter is still under investigation.