July 04, 2023

Police received and attended to 77 occurrences over the long weekend from Friday evening until Tuesday morning.

Police received a report of fraud from a local business in relation to an agreement the business had with an individual.  The individual has laid a complaint in relation to criminal harassment against the business.  Both matters are still under investigation.

Police received a RID (report and impaired driver) complaint in relation to a vehicle.  Police attended and arrested and charged a 27 year old Estevan female with impaired driving.

Police found a 28 year old Estevan male in breach of his release conditions.  The individual was charged and released for court.

Police received a RID complaint in relation to a vehicle being operated on the highway approaching Estevan.  The vehicle was located and the driver was arrested and taken to the hospital for assessment.  Police also learned the driver was reported missing from Stony Plain, Alberta.

A 17 year old male was given a 60 day drivers license suspension for operating the vehicle after consuming intoxicants.  His vehicle was also impounded for three days.

Police arrested a 22 year old Estevan female for assault after she assaulted a tow truck driver that was towing her vehicle on behalf of the police as it was being seized.  She was released to appear in court on a later date.

Police received a report of a scam.  The complainant had someone friend request him.  He recognized the name as someone that went to school at the same time as the complainant.  The individual was trying to get the complainant to deposit a cheque for them and then keep a portion for the services they provided.  It is a common method of trying scam someone as the cheque is not valid and by the time the bank bounces the cheque the money forwarded on is already lost.  The police remind the public that if it sounds to good to be true it likely is.  It is good practice not to accept friend requests from anyone you don’t personally know.