July 12, 2023

Police attended to a local business to a report of two suspicious persons on the property.  The two individuals were arrested for theft and later released for court in late July.

Police received a report from an individual that was trying to sell used property.  The seller received an offer to purchase but the buyer wanted to provide a larger payment to the seller than the offer and have the seller rebate the difference.  Police warn the public that in the majority of the cases this is an attempt to scam.  The original payment will not go through and the seller will be out the difference that was refunded.

Police received another report of an individual receiving a letter from the Saskatchewan Police indicating there was legal action being taking against the individual for a cyber intrusion.  The letter is signed by an individual that is a peace officer in Saskatchewan.  It is believed the scammer obtained the peace officer’s name through media and used it as the author to attempt to mislead the victim.

Police received a report of a suspicious male in the east end of the city.  Police attended and located the individuals and warned them for their behaviour.

Police received a report of a white car traveling at a high rate of speed in a residential area. Statements provided by witnesses and matter remains under investigation.