July 23, 2020

SARCAN – Drop and GO

The City of Estevan’s Bylaw Enforcement has received a number of complaints as it relates to parking issues near the SARCAN recycling center at 1406 6th Street.  Although it is understandable many of us are wanting to return months of collected recycling, it is imperative that the safety of our community remains the priority.  Disregarding parking regulations and parking in no parking/stopping zones is creating pedestrian, traffic and safety concerns.

In an effort to remain proactive we are asking those attending SARCAN to respect these no parking areas.  Those choosing to ignore this will most likely face a fine for a parking violation as Bylaw enforcement patrols in this area will be increasing.

Members attended to a residence in the Willow Park Greens area and located a 44 year old female with warrants for her arrest. She was also failing to comply with her release conditions. She was arrested without incident and is being held for court this morning.

While at the same residence, a 42 year old Estevan male was also arrested for failing to comply with his release conditions.  When being taken into custody the accused resisted arrest, subsequently assaulting one of the officers.  He also damaged a patrol vehicle after breaking out the window and attempting to escape.  He is now facing further charges charges of mischief under $5000, assaulting a peace officer, escaping lawful custody, and failing to comply with a release order. He is being held in custody for a court appearance this morning.

Officers attended to a complaint of an intoxicated male in the Kensington Avenue area. He was located and a sober 3rd party was located to care for him for the remainder of the evening.

As a result of a complaint from the 1200 block of 2nd Street, members are investigating an allegation of an assault. The matter is still under investigation.

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