July 31, 2019

Police conducted a conditions check on a 21 year female.  The female was placed on a recognizance with a search condition when she was charged with a trafficking offense.  Police located methamphetamine in her residence and the female was placed under arrest.  She was charged with possession of methamphetamine and breaching her recognizance.  She will answer to the charge on September 09, 2019.

EPS received a complaint regarding the mid-block pedestrian lights on 4th Street.  Police would like to remind the motorists and pedestrians to be extra cautious when entering the crosswalk areas.  Motorists are encouraged to watch for people crossing at any time and pedestrians should wait until vehicles come to a complete stop before entering the roadway.

Police responded to a hotel for a domestic disturbance. No offence had occurred and police assisted in keeping the peace while one of the parties moved their property to another room.


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