July 31, 2020

Police were called to a North Estevan parking lot where an adult was seen smoking in a car with a child inside. The vehicle was located by police and the adult occupant served a violation ticket as a result. The public is reminded that it is unlawful to smoke inside a vehicle with children present inside.

A complaint of an attempted fraud was reported where the suspect told the complainant of a warrant for their arrest. The complainant became suspicious and refused to provide further information. The public is advised to be aware of these types of scams and not to provide any information. The public is further advised to report any frauds to police and The Anti Fraud Centre.

Police were called to a domestic dispute in a restaurant parking lot. Police spoke to both parties and were able to resolve the dispute at the scene.

Police were called to a second domestic dispute at a residence in the early morning hours. One party agreed to leave for the night.

Police were called to a report of a person being followed by a group of people. The matter is under investigation.

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