June 11, 2019

Police received a number of theft and mischief to property complaints in the Centennial Park area of the city.  The investigations relate to three separate mischief to vehicles, one mischief to a garage, and three thefts of property.  Two of the vehicles have spray paint on them along with the garage.  The third vehicle had damage to a tire.  Police located some of the stolen property as it was discarded by the individuals responsible.  Police are asking the public, if you locate something in your yard that seemed to be discarded please call so we can attempt to return the property. Anyone with information regarding these offences are asked to call EPS or Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers.

Police also received a RID (Report an Impaired Driver) call.  The vehicle was not located.  The registered owner will be contacted and advised of the complaint.

Police are investigating a criminal harassment via texting complaint.  Criminal charges are pending on the matter.

Police have been receiving complaints of unattached trailers and campers that are parked on the street. Police would like to remind motorists and camper owners that they cannot park trailers or campers on the street without having them hooked up to a vehicle. Leaving an unhooked trailer on the street could result in an $80 bylaw fine. Vehicles also cannot be parked on the street for more that 24 hours without being moved. Fines for this offense are also $80.

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