June 12 2021

Members attended a disturbance at a northeast area apartment building.   An intoxicated guest that at the residence was arrested for obstruction after providing a false identity.  In addition to an obstruction charge, he is also facing charges for mischief after damaging a police cruiser when being taken into custody.  He was lodged until sober then released with further conditions.

Police received several calls noise complaints last evening.  All those those responsible were warned under the city’s noise bylaw.  No further action was necessary.

Police have charged a 41 year old female under the Emergency 911 Systems Act after making multiple nuisance 911 calls.  Calls of this nature interfere with the excellent work of our 911 operators and emergency services personal.  She is scheduled to appear in court in August to answer to the charge. The maximum fine for a first offence is $2000 dollars.

Police responded to a male that was reportedly intoxicated and passed out in the hallway of an apartment building on the city’s north side.  Members spoke with the subject and then sent him on his way.  No further action was necessary.

After completing several curfew checks, charges are being considered for two individuals who were not home as required per their release conditions.

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