June 16, 2022

Media Release

Police attended to a motor vehicle accident at a four way stop in the front Hillside area of the city.  There were no injuries but one of the vehicles required a tow truck.  The driver of the one vehicle was charged under the Traffic Safety Act.

Police received an attempt scam complaint.  An Estevan individual received a call indicating they won a STARS Lotto prize.  The prize was for a vehicle and $250,000.00 in cash.  In order to claim the prize the winner had to put a deposit down of $8,500.00.  No money was exchanged.  Police remind the public that you don’t have to pay money to receive your winnings on lotteries.  If they are requiring money from you to claim your prize it is a scam.  Please exercise caution when speaking to people and sharing your personal information.

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