June 2, 2022

Police arrested a 38 year old man for impaired driving after he left a local establishment on the northeast side of the city.  He provided samples of breath that were over 3 times the legal limit.  He was later released after sobering up.

Police arrested a male for being intoxicated in public.  Police were concerned the male was going to drive and after failed attempts to find him a place to stay he was lodged until sober.

Police arrested a 42 year old female for public mischief after reporting false information to police.  She will also face charges of assaulting a police officer and committing an indecent act.  The female  is also being charged under the 911 Systems Act for placing false reports to 911 dispatch.  She is alleged to have called 911 at least 11 times during the night and all calls were not a police, fire or medical emergency.



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