June 20, 2022

Media Release

In the early morning hours of June 21st, EPS received a frantic call regarding an elderly gentleman who was missing from his home.  The gentleman suffers from memory loss and the family was extremely concerned because he had left the house while everyone was sleeping.  Within a few minutes of receiving the call, a member located the gentleman quite a distance from his home.  He was not dressed for the weather and did not know where he was.  He was picked up by the member and returned to his home.

On a separate matter, during a traffic stop, the driver of the vehicle provided false identification to police. The officer was able to determine the driver was deceitful and he was charged with obstruction.  The  41 year old male will answer to the charge on August 8, 2022.  He was also found to be driving while suspended and will answer to that charge on August 17, 2022.