June 26, 2020

Police received several reports of attempts to scam via bank cards and credit cards.  Individuals claiming to be with the card companies called the card holders and attempted to get information in relation to their card accounts using the excuse that someone had attempted to use their cards fraudulently.  Police ask the public to be diligent in ensuring they don’t give information over the phone or allow people to see them using the card and their PIN number.  It is important to be cautious of using your card with a stranger standing close to you at a teller or cashier..

Police received a report of an individual causing a disturbance at a local business.  The customer was upset with new procedures that had been put in place due to COVID19.  the matter is still under investigation.

Police received a RID (Report and Impaired Driver) call.  Police located the vehicle mid afternoon and arrested and charged a 32 year old Midale man for impaired driving and drive over 08.

Police were investigating several reports of theft from a local business. Through the investigation a suspect was identified and apprehended. A 20 year old Estevan female was arrested and charged with 3 counts of theft under $5000. Police were also able to recover some of the stolen goods. She will appear in Estevan court later in August to answer to the charges.


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