June 3, 2021

Throughout the day EPS members conducted a traffic blitz with this month’s focus on seat belts and intersections.  Members issued 14 intersection related tickets, 8 seat seat belts as well as a number of speeding tickets.

Police have received a number of calls about the speed of vehicles in different 30 KPH zones around parks and schools.  Also calls have come been received about back alley/lanes which have 20 KMH limits.  Police have already been monitoring and enforcing these areas and will continue to do so in the coming weeks and months.

Police responded to a disturbance in the central area of the City.  A 68 year old man and 41 year old female have both been charged. The male is facing one count of assault and the female is facing assault and assault with a weapon.  The investigation is on-going.  The two have been released on conditions of no contact with each other as they await their first court appearance.