June 3 – 5 2022 Media release

In the early hours on Friday June 3rd police were called to a residence for a well being check. While investigating members determined an assault had occurred. The suspect was no longer at the scene but was arrested later in the day. The 53 year old male was released on conditions to have no contact with the victim. He will make his first court appearance July 18 2022.

During the night shift on June 3 there was a report of a sexual assault. Members were able to identify the suspects and they were arrested on Saturday morning. After further investigation twi males have been charged with one count of sexual assault. One of the males was on a probation order and was charged for failing to comply with conditions of that order. They will make there first court appearance on August 15 2022.

Police responded to a fight at local bar. One of the people involved was still at the scene when police arrived. He was taken into custody and released to the care of a responsible adult.

Suspicious person in the trees near the wood lawn Dog park.  Members located the subject and there were no issues.

June 4th Police investigated a report of a theft from a grocery store. Two suspects were identified and arrested for theft. They will make there first court appearance on July 18 2022.

Report of an intoxicated male in the central area of the city. The male was arrested for public intoxication and was held in cells until he could be released to a responsible adult.

June 5th

Report of a group of young males on the roof of the Estevan Comprehensive School. Police attended and located the subjects. Matter is still under investigation to determine if any damage resulted from there actions. The males will also face charges under the Trespass to Property Act.