March 05, 2021

Police were called to a downtown location to a report of a used syringe being discarded on the street.  A police member attended and walked the area locating several used syringes.  They were safely collect and discarded.  The public is asked to report such findings and to not touch the items until police can dispose of them properly.

Police attended to the Trojan subdivision to a report of a dispute between two parties.  The police were able to mediate a resolution.

Police received a report of an attempted scam.  The complainant received a call indicating their pension/old age security payment amount was increasing. The caller asked the complainant for banking information so they could receive the increase.  No information was provided as the complainant believed it was an attempt to scam.  Police remind the public that you will not be contacted in this manner to receive benefits.  Please do not provide information over the phone to someone that you can not confirm their identity.

A 29 year old Estevan man was arrested and charged with breaching the conditions of his Probation Order as well as uttering threats in relation to an investigation regarding an incident that occurred at a West Estevan restaurant. He was remanded into custody to Monday March 8 at 9:30 AM in Estevan Provincial Court.


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