March 21, 2019 – Day Shift

Police members had the privilege of escorting the Estevan Comprehensive Basketball team on their way out of town to go to play in the Hoopla tournament. We wish them all the best as they play and represent their school.

Police had found property turned into the office on Wednesday. If you are missing items please make sure you call the police in case your items have been turned in.

Police responded to a residential alarm on the north end of the city. The home was secure and appeared to be a false alarm.

Police had a suspected scam reported. A cheque was sent to a local resident in the hopes that it would get deposited and money returned to them. There were several inconsistencies with the letter and cheque that came in the mail. There were multiple names throughout the letter as well as only one signature on a cheque that required two. No money was lost and the complainant wanted to report it to police in hopes it would warn others to be aware.

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