March 25, 2022

Police attend to a disturbance in the east end of the city core.  Police had received a telephone call from the residence and a separate call from a concerned complainant.  Police attended and spoke to both parties involved.  One party agreed to leave the residence and return at a later time once things had a chance to settle down.

Police returned to the same area of the city a short time later to a report of a disturbance but, it was at a different residence.  Police mediated a resolution for the evening between two roommates that were having a disagreement.

Police received a request from Emergency Medical Services to assist.  They had received a 911 call from a residence and were not able to gain access to the residence or the individual making the telephone request for services.  Police attended and assisted EMS in getting access to the patient.

Police attended to a local liquor establishment as a patron at the establishment was refusing to leave.  Police attended and the female was sent on her way in a taxi.  Police remind the public that it is an offence under the Alcohol Gaming Regulations Act to remain in a licensed premise after being asked to leave by staff.

Police received a RID (Report and Impaired Driver) call around 530 a.m.  Police were unable to locate the vehicle until later on in the morning.  The vehicle was parked at the residence of the registered owner.

Police received a request for assistance as an individual is having suspicious activity around their residence.  Police are still investigating the matter.