March 26, 2020

Police received a report of an attempt scam.  The complainant advised that a message was received that appeared to come from the government saying there was a refund available.  There was no information exchanged but the police remind the public that the government will not contact you in this manner.  Please do not respond or acknowledge the email.

Police received a complaint in relation to the noise bylaw.  Members attended and warned the property owner under the bylaw.

Police received a request to do a welfare check on an individual as there was report of someone yelling at the individual.    Members attended and learned there was a dispute over self care.  The matter was resolved and mediated by the police.

Police attended a disturbance between two parties.  The two parties had separated prior to police arriving.  Both parties were located and their individual residences and spoke to by police members.

Police received a report of youth screaming at traffic and pedestrians on the street.   Members attended and spoke to the two young males.  They were warned of their actions.






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