March 7, 2019 – Day Shift

-Estevan Police Service received a report of another CRA scam, this time in the form of an email. The recipient is to respond to the email immediately or else other authorities would get involved. We would like to remind the public to be cautious when responding to such emails and to confirm it’s validity prior to doing so.

-Estevan Police Service were notified of another email scam that had been sent to an Estevan Resident. The recipient was to send money as well. Matter is under investigation.

-Members were dispatched to the Northeast part of the city for a report of an erratic driver. The vehicle was located parked in a parking lot. Members waited for the driver to return to the vehicle and noted a male was walking towards the vehicle with a shopping cart full of items. Upon further investigation it was determined that the male had stolen the items from the store. A 40 year old male from Carlyle was arrested and charged with Theft under $5000. He was released and set to attend court in April.

A Platoon

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