May 01, 2023

Estevan Police Service had 44  occurrences over the weekend. Calls that members were asked to handle ranged from uttering threats, mischief, causing a disturbance, harassment and fraud.  Police also responded to traffic safety (Driving complaints) as well as Bylaw concerns in different areas of the City.

Police received a request for assistance from a Pleasantdale residence and during the call got disconnected.  Upon arrival, members determined an assault and threats had occurred.  The 33 year old Estevan male had fled the scene.  Police were able to determine his whereabouts and obtained a warrant to search a Pleasantdale residence to affect an arrest.  The subject was located and taken into custody without incident.  He was lodged in cells be to remanded into custody in the morning.

Police received a report of causing a disturbance and mischief to property from a local business.  Police attended and initially arrested two individuals but later released them without charges.  The matter has since been resolved.

Police were called to another Pleasantdale residence to a report of a disturbance.  An intoxicated male was arrested for causing a disturbance and breach of peace.  He was lodged in cells to be released later on in the day.