May 03, 2019 – Day Shift

Police attended to a report of a possible shed on fire.  Police attended to assist fire services.

Police received a number of reports in relation to attempt fraud.  The attempt frauds are in relation to the text messages individuals are receiving from what is eluded to be the Canada Revenue Agency and the individuals notice of assessment.  Police remind the public that they will never receive these types of messages from government agencies.  Please do not respond to these messages.  Please just delete them and mark them as spam.

Police received a report of a motor vehicle accident in the north east corner of the city.  Police attended and both vehicles required being towed away.  No injuries were reported. A female was charged with failing to stop for a red light.

Police received a report of a young child being bitten by a stray cat.  The cat was taken to the Humane Society and will be supervised for public health assessment.

Police mediated a resolution between a youth, currently on release conditions, and the youths parent.  The matter was resolved for the evening.

“B” Platoon

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