May 04, 2019 – Day Shift

Police received a report of a mischief to property.  A residence had eggs thrown on it.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a report of an attempt theft and trespassing.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a report of a dispute in a local restaurant parking lot between a couple in an orange jeep.  Police attended and were unable to locate the jeep.  The license plate given by the complainant wasn’t correct so no one was located.

Police received a report where the caller was concerned for the well being of an individual.  The police located the individual and determined there were supports available for the individual and no intervention was needed at the time.

Police received a RID call  (report and impaired driver). Police were unable to locate the vehicle reported.  A letter will be sent to the registered owner to advise them of the complaint.

Police received a parking complaint in relation to a vehicle parking contrary to the bylaw in a residential area of the city.  Police were initially unable to attend due to other calls taking priority.  Police attended later and chalked the tires.  The vehicle was reported to move shortly after.

Police were investigating a report of a three year old female walking alone.  Police were attempting to locate the guardian or parent of the child and were able to locate them almost an hour later.  The child was turned back over to her mom. The Ministry of Social Services was advised as per protocol.

“B” Platoon

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