May 10, 2019

Police responded to a report of fuel drive off. Police attended and viewed security footage from the event. Police were able to ascertain the identity of the individual and contacted them about the incident. After a brief investigation it was learned that the incident was accidental in nature and the suspect went back and took care of the outstanding charges. They were warned about their actions.

Police then received a report of a large dog that was running at large in a residential area. Police as well as Bylaw Enforcement searched the area and were able to locate the dog and return it to its owner that was also looking for the dog.

Police also went to an accident that was reported in a parking lot of an apartment complex. Upon Police arrival it was learned that the damage was minor and both vehicles were still drive-able. No injuries were reported and both drivers were instructed to swap information and report the incident to SGI. No further Police involvement was required.

A Platoon

Police attended to a residence in the Willow Park Greens area, where a 26 year old female from Weyburn was arrested for failing to comply with a recognizance, possession of methamphetamine for purposes of trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon. She was lodged in cells and will be remanded for court on Monday.

Members attended to several noise complaints throughout the night. The home owners were warned of the bylaw.

Officers are investigating a complaint of an assault. The matter is still under investigation.

Police responded to a complaint of an assault at a local licensed premise. The matter is till under investigation.

“D” Platoon

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