May 15, 2024

Police were called about a suspicious person possibly taking items from a bin belonging to a business in the downtown area of Estevan.  Members located an individual who was warned about taking items not belonging to them

Members responded to a disturbance at a residence in the northeast area of the city Wednesday afternoon. Two individuals were found to be arguing. Police spoke with the involved parties and were able to mediate a resolution

Police received a report from a local school bus driver about a vehicle failing to stop while the stop arm and stop lights were activated. The motoring public is being reminded to be cognizant of school buses in their area. Failing to stop for a school bus while its stop arm and stop lights are activated may result in a $360 fine under the Traffic Safety Act

Report of a disturbance at an apartment in the north part of the city. Members attended and spoke with the individuals at the residence. They had been involved in an argument. Members assisted in calming the situation.