May 22, 2019

Two separate Stars Lottery scams were reported in Estevan. Individuals claiming to represent Stars requested money in exchange for a prize while in the other scam, personal information was requested. Fortunately, neither money or information was given. The public is reminded to be aware of these Frauds and not to volunteer any information or give money no matter how legit it seems. Steps should be taken to verify any questionable communications directly with the involved organization.

EPS received a report of a semi truck/trailer forcing another vehicle into the oncoming traffic lane in South Estevan. Fortunately, there was minimal traffic and a collision was avoided. The matter remains under investigation.

A report was received of a vehicle parked in an East central Estevan parking lot with a number of children inside while the adult went inside a store. Police attended, but found that the vehicle had since left.

Members attended to a central Estevan restaurant as a result of a 911 call. It was discovered after Police arrival, that an employee had collapsed, but had since recovered without further incident.

A barking dog was reported in Southeast Estevan. The matter remains under investigation by the Estevan Bylaw Enforcement. The public is reminded to abide by this bylaw which states that it is unlawful to allow a dog to bark continuously for more that 10 minutes.

Estevan Bylaw Enforcement is investigating a report of unsightly property in North central Estevan. The public is reminded to be aware of the Bylaw regarding property maintenance and upkeep.

Police are looking into a reported theft that took place in the city’s south side. The owner reported that about $1000 dollars worth of property was missing. The matter is under investigation.

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