May 23, 2020

Police attended to a disturbance in the Trojan area of the city.  Police mediated and one of the parties involved agreed to remove themselves from the residence for the remainder of the evening.

Police received a RID (Report and Impaired Driver) call.  The vehicle in question was not initially located.  Several hours later the vehicle was located.  The driver was tested and was found to not be impaired.  The driver was found to be in possession of cannabis in a vehicle as well as a minor possessing alcohol.  He was ticketed for both offenses.

Police arrested a 21 year old female for possession of methamphetamine after she was located sleeping in a vehicle.  Police had stopped to check on her well being around 8:20 this morning and evidence could be seen through the window.  She was taken back to the Police Service where she was released a few hours later with a July court date.








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