May 31, 2019

A theft was reported at a central Estevan apartment building where a sign was stolen sometime during the early morning hours. The matter remains under investigation.

A report of a theft was received from a northwest Estevan Park. Stolen were 10 bags of rubberize mulch which was to be used at a  nearby play structure. Matter remains under investigation.

Police received a report of people screaming in the back yard of a residence on the city’s north side. Police attended and spoke to the residents. They were all warned about the noise bylaw. No further action was required.

Police got a report of a possible impaired driver. Police were able to locate the vehicle and a traffic stop was performed. The driver was found to be sober and they were warned about their driving actions.

Police were alerted by some taxi operators that they were having some issues with patrons. One cab had a patron pass out in the cab and the driver could not wake them. Police attended and were able to wake the person and obtain information from them. They were then allowed to go home after cooperating with members.
The other complaint was of a patron not paying the taxi fare. Police arrived on scene and the patron then paid the fare. They were warned and were also sent on their way.

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