May 5, 2023

Police received complaints about a male standing in the middle of 4th street disrupting traffic  and not moving for vehicles. Police attended and arrested a 36 year old male from Manitoba for public intoxication. He was lodged in cells and will be released when sober.

Police received a report of a possible impaired driver leaving a local business. When members located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop and the driver was not showing any signs of impairment.

Police received a report of a fraud where the victim  sent money to “hold” an item on a local garage sale  site and when the money was sent, the item was taken off of the site and contact was lost with the seller.  The Estevan Police Service would like to caution the public with sending money prior to receiving or picking up the product as it may be a scam.

Members arrested a 18 year old male for failing to comply with his probation order. The male was lodged in cells and will be released in front of a Judge with further conditions.

Officers conducted a curfew check on a 29 year old male on a conditional sentence order, he was found to be in non-compliance and was arrested and will be held in custody to be taken before a Judge.