May 6, 2021

EPS members arrested four individuals last night in connection to a drug investigation.  Members attended an apartment located on the northeast side of the city to do a conditions check on a male living at the residence.  Police located several different types of drugs along with other evidence including a prohibited weapon.

Two 20 year old males, an 18 year old male and a 16 year old female all from Estevan are being charged for trafficking Xanax as well a possession of Xanax for the purpose  of trafficking.  One of the 20 year old men will also be charged for breaching conditions of a release order.

As the investigation continues further charges for the prohibited weapon, possession of Psilocybin, and possession of illicit cannabis for the purpose of trafficking are all pending.  All of the substances will be sent for testing with the further charges pending the results.

The four individuals were lodged in cells until sober and will be released on conditions in front of a Justice of the Peace.




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