May 8, 2021

As a result of a complaint in the King Street and 13th Avenue area,  a 45 year old Estevan male was arrested after he was found breaching his court ordered conditions. The male was lodged in cells and will be held for court on Monday.

A 24 year old male was arrested after he was observed outside his residence in contradiction of his court ordered conditions. He was lodged in cells and will appear in court on Monday to answer to the new charge.

A 35 year old male from Stoughton was arrested on an outstanding warrant for breaching his Conditional Sentence Order. He will be held for Court on Monday. A Conditional Sentence Order is a court ordered sentence where the subject serves his sentence in the community. They must abide by conditions set out in the order.  Failing to do so can result in the subject serving the remainder of their sentence in custody.





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