November 04, 2022

Police attended to a south end residence to a report of a disturbance.  After investigation a 41 year old Estevan male was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon.  He is alleged to have struck another Estevan male in the head with a baseball bat.

Police received a number of reports of individuals in the Pleasantdale area of the city ringing door bells on homes and running away.  Police located and warned a couple groups of youth in the area.

Police received a report of theft of property from a residence.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a report of a commercial business alarm.  Police attended and found the building secure.  No further action required on that matter.

Police received a report of criminal harassment and further breach of release conditions.  An Estevan male attended to his ex’s residence when he is on conditions to have not contact.  The matter is still under investigation and charges pending.

Police attended to a local hotel to a report of a disturbance.  Police arrived and an Estevan female was given a ride to another hotel for the evening to mediate and resolve the problems for the evening.

Received a report of an individual passed out in their vehicle.  Police attended and spoke to the driver.  He had just fell asleep.