November 08, 2019

Police continued their investigation into an assault complaint. A 45 year old Estevan male will be held in custody until his next court appearance on Tuesday November 12th in Weyburn. He has been charged with one count of assault and one count of breach of a probation order.

Police are investigating a fraud complaint in regard to unpaid fares for a local taxi. The matters remains under investigation.

Police received a driving complaint in relation to vehicles around the 711.  Police attended and were not able to locate anyone violating the Traffic Safety Act.  Police received a second complaint a short time later and attended.  One individual was issued a ticket under the Traffic Safety Act for performing a stunt.

Police arrest an Estevan male for impaired driving.  The individual supplied samples of breath under .08.  The male was issued a 72 hour drivers license suspensions.  The male had rifle in the car  that was stored unsafely.  He was charged with unsafe storage.

Police were called to a local liquor establishment to a report of a female refusing to leave after being asked by the staff to do so.  Police attended and warned her.  She left on her own.  She returned to the bar later on in the evening and the Police were called again.  She was issued a ticket under the Alcohol Gaming Regulations Act for re-entering a licensed premise after being asked to leave.

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