November 06, 2019

Police received a driving complaint in relation to a commercial vehicle failing to stop for stop signs in a residential area.  Police located the vehicle and have issued a ticket for failing to stop.

Police received a complaint about a vehicle being unloaded and possibly causing a hazard.  Police attended and determined it was not a hazard.

Police attended to a motor vehicle accident near the Estevan Shoppers Mall.  There were no injuries reported but, one of the vehicle was damaged substantially enough it had to be towed.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a report of a missing youth.  The youth was later located and the parents updated.

Police received four separate calls in relation to callers receiving calls requesting their Social Insurance Number.  None of the individuals supplied any information to the suspects.  Police remind the public that you should not give your SIN over the telephone.

Police are investigating an assault and uttering threats  that took place at a residence in the Trojan area of the city. Matter remains under investigation.

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