November 1, 2019

Police are  continuing  to  receive a number of fraud reports.  Suspects are calling, indicating they are a representative of Revenue Canada then threaten their potential victim to received payments immediately.  The caller attempts to convince people they will be arrested if they do not make a payment and will keep the person on the phone until a card such as GooglePlay, has been purchased.  It is important to note, Revenue Canada will not call and threaten people over the phone.  Please report these incidents to police.  Do not make any payments or relay personal information over the phone.

Police received a call about parking issues around the Leisure Centre and Affinity Place.  Several vehicles were issued parking violations for parking in staff parking and not displaying a city permit.  A number vehicles were  issued violations for parking contrary to posted fire lane signs along the south end of the property.

Police are investigating a theft that was reported Friday evening.   Some property was taken from the victim while his room mate was moving out.  The matter remains under investigation.

Police attended a call about a mischief at a local hotel.  It was determined it is not a criminal matter and only some assistance in exchanging names with the property owners was needed.

A traffic stop on the west end of Estevan resulted in a local man being charged with several traffic related offences. He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.  He was released with a January court date to answer to all the charges.

EPS members conducted a checkstop last evening.  Vehicles passing  through were given mandatory roadside breath tests.  No impaired drivers were located last night.

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