November 10, 2019

Police arrested a 33 year old male for multiple offences. The male has been charged with 3 counts of assault 1 count of assault causing bodily harm and 1 count of strangulation to overcome resistance. The male was remanded into custody for a court appearance in Weyburn on Wednesday November 12. The alleged offences all relate to a single victim and span several years.

Police are investigating a report of a male who breached a no contact order. The matter is under investigation and charges are pending.

Police were called to a department store parking lot for a report of unsafe storage of firearms. The suspect vehicle and the owner were located the matter remains under investigation.

An individual attended to report that she was picking up a vehicle as a designated driver and struck another parked vehicle.  She was unable to locate the owner of the other vehicle so attended to report it.  The owner of the other vehicle was located and the investigation material was forwarded to Saskatchewan Government Insurance.




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