November 16, 2019

Police received two driving complaints.   Both operators of two vehicles were reporting each other.  A semi unit and passenger car were in the merge lane of the highway not allowing the other to merge.  The passenger car followed the semi unit and the drivers of both vehicles got into an exchange once the vehicles were parked.  One of the drivers struck the window of the other drivers vehicle.  One of the drivers was issued a ticket for driving without reasonable consideration.

Police attended to a motor vehicle accident with no injuries.  One of the vehicles stopped to turn left and the second vehicle struck the first from behind.  The driver was issued a ticket for following to close.

Police attended to a couple of noise complaints during the course of the evening. One homeowner was given a warning about a noisy party and subsequently shut it down. A second homeowner was charged under the Bylaw for creating a noise that disturbed others.

Police then went to a local establishment on a report of an altercation that was taking place. When police arrived on scene, there were several accounts as to what took place. The matter is now under investigation.


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