November 20, 2019

Police responded to several collisions during the day after the heavy snowfall.  No major injuries were reported to EPS. Police remind motorists to take extra time to get to your destination over the next few days until the roads can be cleaned up.

Police responded to a hold up alarm at an east end business.  The alarm turned out to be false and no emergency was taking place.

Police were called to a northeast residence to a report of a cat stuck in a tree.  The home owner was woke up and was able to climb the 25 feet up to rescue the cat.

Police stopped a truck in the 300 block of 4th Street.  The driver did not have any identification on him and lied about his identity.   The man was identified and found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested on that outstanding warrant, for obstructing a police officer in the execution of duty and for driving while suspended.  He was released for court in January 2020.


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