November 25-27, 2022 – Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Police responded to 41 occurrences over the weekend (November 25-27).  Members had a variety of things to deal with including executing a warrant extended by authorities in Alberta for a male wanted on several outstanding charges alleged to have occurred in Edmonton, Alberta.  Robert W. Kelly, 33 years old, was arrested without incident and was remanded in custody to be transported back to Alberta to speak to the charges which include sexual interference, luring a child and possession of child pornography.

Police received a report of a theft of property from a garage in the east central area that is under investigation.

Police are investigating counterfeit currency that was passed at local businesses in Estevan.

EPS patrolled and monitored several events taking place in the city over the weekend, including the Festival of Trees, Christmas parties and retirement parties.  There were no major issues stemming from any of these events.

Police conducted traffic stops with multiple vehicles over the weekend and one driver had his license suspended for 3 days and his vehicle impounded after providing a breath sample on a roadside device with a result below the threshold for Criminal Code charges.  Another motorist was found to be a suspended driver and he was charged accordingly under the Traffic Safety Act.

Police located a Midale man breaching the conditions of a Conditional Sentence Order (CSO) which he is bound by.  He was arrested and lodged in cells and will appear in court Monday morning to speak to the allegation of breach of CSO.