November 27, 2020

Police arrested a 16 year old youth for breaching conditions of his probation order.  He was lodged in cells and will appear before a Justice of the Peace in the morning.

Police attended an emergency call to 12th Avenue and Valley Street.  A 911 call reporting that a man was laying injured in the middle of the street along with his bike was received. EMS attended and transported him to St. Joseph’s hospital for examination and treatment.  Police are still investigating the incident but believe it is a bicycle accident and no other person or vehicle was involved. If anyone witnessed this incident or has any information please call EPS.  Police want to thank the citizens who called 911 and a remained with the subject.

Police responded to a report of a stolen vehicle from the area of 6th Avenue and 4th Street.  The vehicle was located about a half hour later, moved from its original location and parked nearby.

Police stopped a vehicle at 6th Street and Souris Avenue.  The 23 year old from Estevan was given a 72 hrs drivers licence suspension and  had his vehicle seized for 72 hrs after blowing a warning on the roadside screening device.



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