November 28, 2018 – Day shift

Police responded to a complaint of harassment this morning.  The complainant and suspect were both spoken to and the matter appears to have been resolved with no further action required.

Police received a call about a disturbance.  The incident was looked into and no criminal activity had occurred and the Police in the end were not needed.

Police were called to assist to keep the peace at an eviction process at a local appartment building.  During the process the subject that was being evicted uttered threats towards another person in the presence of officers.  The male subject was subsequently arrested and charged with uttering threats and breaching conditions of his probation order.  He was released later in the afternoon on conditions.

Police were called to a report of a male that appeared to be in medical distress on the north end of the city.  Contact was made and the male was found to be in good condition.

Police responded to a two vehicle collision at 2nd Street and 4th Avenue today.  There were no injuries.  One vehicle had to be towed from the scene as a result of the damage.  One driver was charged for driving to fast for the road conditions under the Traffic Safety Act as a result.

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